In a quest to revamp daily objects and materials, Bull Doff have re-invented the use of zips in their new collection. Using curved as well as straight lines or grouping them together, playing with zips defines the architectural structure of their creations.

“A suspended universe, tribal warriors, forsaken characters, vagrants, resistance…These images are the written history of a community thats reprieved and condemned. This gives reference to a civilisation split between decline and the promise of rebirth.

Amongst the remnants of a fallen world, one element remains, tradition. This anchors man in the tribal matrix.

Dark artistic taste outlined by a neo-gothic style composed of mystical codes re-enforce the notion of contrast between tradition and post modernism and from this emerges an original innovation, sublime, unique, singular and even intangible.

The juxtaposition and overview of these heterogeneous elements capture the complex reality in which these characters are immersed. The reality of a society thrown into a post-apocolyptic universe where tradition and immaterial heritage carries identity and takes its place in fiction created by the artwork itself.

© Bull Doff / Fabrice Monteiro