The Tangana collection takes its origins from the urban universe in Dakar and unveils a subtle union between fabric, traditional weaving and plastic. More commonly named mbithié mbithié in its mother tongue, these plastic elements are used to ornate public transport or the fronts of traditional restaurants (Tangana).

Diverted away from their principal utility, they’ve integrated daily wear and fuse and merge in african urban as well as international decor. African by origin and by the original use of these materials and international because it’s directly inspired from street art. Indeed, the use of colours associated with weaving reveal references to space invaders. On a whole these elements and inspirations integrate into original cuts and create a contemporary and metropolitan silhouette adapted for an outdoor environment.

The Tangana collection from Bull Doff offers a unique encounter between fashion, art and urbanism.

 ©Bull Doff/Fabrice Monteiro